Qin Liu


Mr. Qin Liu


Mr. Qin Liu has served as our director since June 2008. Mr. Liu co-founded 5Y Capital (formerly known as Morningside Venture Capital) in June 2007. Before co-founding 5Y Capital, Mr. Liu served various roles including as a business development director for investment at Morningside IT Management Services (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. from July 2000 to November 2008. Mr. Liu became a director of Xiaomi Corporation (HKEX: 1810) in May 2010, and currently serves as a non-executive director of Xiaomi Corporation. Since December 2014, Mr. Liu has served as a director of Agora, Inc. (Nasdaq: API). Mr. Liu received his bachelor’s degree in industrial electrical automation from University of Science and Technology Beijing in July 1993, and his master’s degree in business administration from China Europe International Business School in April 2000.

Independent Director